Plant Nutrient – Now Available

Grow Your Own Success with Plant Nutrient!

House & Garden Plant Nutrient is a stand-alone, plant based nutrient for your indoor and outdoor plants! It is highly concentrated, requiring just 5 drops diluted in 1 litre of water, once a week. Plant Nutrient is 100% natural, environmentally and pet friendly.

Brand new to the Canadian market is House & Garden’s Plant Nutrient! Plant Nutrient’s exclusive plant based components will enhance plant vigor, which in return will reduce the risk of stress, crop diseases and pests. One of our many specialized techniques is our enzymatic hydrolysis process, which precisely extracts elements needed to make Plant Nutrient. Our scientists have created a cutting edge nutrient combination of original ingredients including Norwegian Sea Kelp and specialty seed oil extracts. This unrivaled combination of beneficial plant nutrients will maximize nutrient uptake and invigorate plant structure, allowing your plants to achieve their maximum potential!

House & Garden Nutrients is located in the country-side just near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. We are the only fertilizer company that maintains its own laboratory giving us a clear advantage in the field of research and developing new products. By means of innovative technology combined with extensive lab research, House & Garden Nutrients has become an industry leader in the development of new and profound products. We constantly test each batch of fertilizer for consistent quality as well as test each new product in our own greenhouses before sending them to market.

Key Components of Plant Nutrient’s Specialty Oil Seed Extracts:

Seed oil extract is a great source for specialized amino acids, proteins, and carbohydrates. These processes encourage aggressive cell development, rapid photosynthesis, and increased metabolism. The specialized amino acids found in Plant Nutrient are the building blocks of proteins, which are some of the key components to all life. When used for plant growth, aminos derived from natural plants such as the fava bean, provide improved nutrient distribution in plant leaves, a higher photosynthesis ratio, stronger stalks, increased root activity, better and higher fruit production and higher sugar content in the fruit. This makes crops lush and green, increasing plant vigor and overall yields. In our specialty plant based nutrient, we provide our users with a unique all natural growth and flowering stimulator from an extract uniquely derived from plant seeds; from the earth straight to your garden.

Key Components of Norwegian Sea Kelp:

House & Garden has incorporated into Plant Nutrient’s supreme composition a specialty sea kelp, ensuring the customer unparalleled results. Norwegian Sea Kelp is among the most nutritious of all sea vegetables and is unrivaled due to the pristine Icelandic waters in which it grows.

Containing more than 70 minerals, vitamins, enzymes, essential micro and macronutrients, and natural growth regulators, Norwegian Sea Kelp is the optimum all natural plant nutrient additive. Norwegian Sea Kelp can help germinate seeds quicker, encourage rooting, build immunity, add more color and flavor, give a longer shelf life, produce more and larger buds and flowers, counter any nutrient deficiencies, and fight off insects and disease. It is truly Mother Nature’s gift to the modern gardener.

  • Cold Filtration: Freshly harvested kelp is rapidly processed at low temperatures, using naturally occurring enzymes isolated from the kelp. This helps to digest and liquefy the chopped kelp into a dark liquid extract. This cold water enzymatic process preserves all the very important hormones, auxins, cytokinins, giberillins, enzymes, proteins, vitamins and minerals found in kelp.
  • Macro/Micronutrients: There are three major macronutrients, which are the elements most vital to all plant-life: Nitrogen (“N”); the main ingredient in chlorophyll, allowing the plant to grow and convert sunlight energy to sugar. Phosphorus (“P”); important for energy transfer and helping plants to grow and mature. Potassium (“K”); activates enzymes and regulates CO2 and water uptake in the plant. Micronutrients are also essential components for plants’ sustained health and vigor. Seven essential micronutrients are: Boron (B), Chlorine (Cl), Copper (Cu), Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Molybdenum (Mo), and Zinc (Zn), all naturally occurring in the kelp we use.
  • Aminos & Enzymes: Amino acids are considered the building blocks of life and are absolutely crucial for plant growth. We have added the most beneficial aminos found in Norwegian Sea Kelp to ensure proper growth mechanisms are available for your plants. Enzymes in kelp are made of amino acids, proteins, or RNA, which carry critical information to all areas of the plant from the DNA. Enzymes speed up the breakdown of minerals which reduces the amount of energy required by the plant to eat. With the addition of aminos and enzymes derived from kelp, plant development is significantly enhanced during critical growth stages.
  • Microbes: Cold filtered kelp maintains the integrity of its microbial life and helps promote bacteria, fungi, and protozoa necessary for all plant life. These tiny helpers generate oxygen in the root zone and atmosphere, and most importantly they help break down nutrients into a usable form, giving roots access to nutrients in the soil or grow medium.
  • Vitamins: Feeding your plants cold filtered kelp is like getting a super powered vitamin shot from the doctor! Vitamins are necessary compounds synthesized and utilized in plants. Vitamins will not only supercharge you plant’s immune system, they will have significant effects on callus growth, somatic growth, rooting, and seed development!
  • Carbohydrates: All living plant cells must have carbohydrates to continue life and function. Plant cells not directly involved in photosynthesis are completely dependent on the translocation of carbohydrates from green foliage or from storage areas known as sources, which ensure vigor in all areas of the plant.
  • Hormones: Plant hormones contained in kelp play a HUGE ROLE in plant development! They determine the formation of flowers, stems, leaves, the shedding of leaves, and the development and ripening of fruit. Natural hormones allow for faster cell division, development of chloroplasts (necessary for photosynthesis), and delay aging. This leaves your fruit and vegetables looking larger and more colorful, something that every gardener desires!